Tan Kin Lian receives 1,000 Likes on Facebook post, may contest in the next General Election

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TL;DR – Totally looking forward to it!

Ex-presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian may possibly contest in the next General Election.

In a Facebook post on March 31, Tan wrote, “If you want me to contest in the general election, give a Like and Share. Let us make it to 1,000 Likes.”

To get a better overview of his progress, Tan also gave his followers the sporadic updates on the number of Likes he’d received in his comments section.

1 April:

In less than 15 hours, Tan managed to garner 545 Likes. Not a bad start!

But later it got stagnant at 600 Likes, it’s a little disappointing.

2 April:

725 Likes now! Slowly but surely…

4 April:

Woohoo! 850 Likes now, almost there!

5 April:

Another 100 more Likes to go, but clearly Tan isn’t quite pleased with the progress.

Wah, so slow”, he fussed.

7 April:

Come on people, you can do it. 50 more Likes please!

8 April:

“HURRAH!”, I could almost hear him rejoicing.

Tan has achieved his target of having 1,000 Likes after nine days.

1,000 Likes, checked.
Supportive and helpful commenters, checked.

We’re absolutely ecstatic and hopeful for Tan Kin Lian. Please don’t doubt us.

But you know, there’s always this one person who’d try to rain on your parade.

What a bummer.

And this person actually had the nerve, the audacity to compare Tan Kin Lian to Lee Hsien Loong? How dare he. Tsk.

Nevertheless, congratulations to Tan Kin Lian on his 1,000 Likes achievement! Possibly one of his most-liked post on his Facebook page, ever.

Who would have thought this post would have gotten more Likes than his epic weather app post?

We’re not sure of the election outcome, but at least we do know that the election deposit for each candidate contesting is only half of the presidential election’s deposit.

Good luck, Tan Kin Lian!


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