Singapore DJ got his mobile phone back 4 months after losing it in Hokkaido

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TL;DR – What a pleasant surprise!

What are the chances of getting back a lost phone?

I’d say that chances are pretty slim… But well, we’ll never know.

Singapore DJ Lee Hong Qing, 29, misplaced his mobile phone at a ski resort in Hokkaido, Japan.

Four months later, the iPhone8 Plus miraculously made its way back to the UFM100.3 DJ, in a working condition.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the radio DJ was in Hokkaido with his friends for a holiday, in January this year. They had specifically travelled to Niseko during the winter season to visit the ski resort.

Overwhelmed and excited about his first ever outdoor ski, Lee had his phone kept in the front pocket of his coat so that he could reach out to his phone to take photos whenever he wants to.

It was only after a few minutes later when he realized that his phone was missing, and that he had forgotten to zip his pocket.

He then tried searching for his phone with his friends by retracing their route, but to no avail. The phone was probably buried in the snow, they thought. They gave up the search eventually and the radio DJ then bought a new phone later.

But surprise, surprise!

On 12 May, he received an email from an Australian man by the name of Daniel Hibbins, who had apparently found his phone submerged in the water, just one day ago.

“He said that the snow had melted and hence, he managed to retrieve the phone. And it turns out that the device was still working after giving it a charge”, said the DJ.

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Fortunately, the phone was not locked, and Daniel was able to contact Lee after getting his details from the phone.

Phew, what a pleasant surprise!


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