Chinese passenger stops plane from taking off to wait for her shopaholic daughter

By May 17, 2019Current

TL;DR – Self-entitled much?

A Chinese passenger has sparked an outrage on an international flight after causing a delay in the take-off. The alleged incident took place on a budget airline flight from Bangkok to Shanghai on 15 May.

The four-hour flight was delayed for 30 minutes, which resulted in 160 passengers having to wait for the passenger’s daughter, who was late for the flight because she was on a shopping spree.

According to report, the woman tried to prevent the cabin crew from shutting the plane door for takeoff by lying down on the floor, claiming that her daughter had not arrived yet.

Angry passengers stood up in protest but unfortunately, the woman apparently did not care even a little bit.

Finally, about 30 minutes later, her daughter appeared at the boarding gate, holding shopping bags on both hands.

Regrettably (or not), the mother-daughter pair was eventually ejected from the flight by the airline, before the plane took off as planned.

Good riddance!

You may watch the video below:

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