Chinese passenger tries to break high-speed train window because he wanted to “get some fresh air”

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TL;DR – He tried to smash a hole in the glass to let in some fresh air.

A passenger was detained by the Chinese railway police after he tried to smash the door window of a high-speed train to “get some fresh air”.

On the 14 May, a 30-year-old passenger, who was identified by his surname Xu, was on the G146 high-speed train from Shanghai. However, due to an unforeseen mechanical failure, the Beijing-bound train was made to stop at the main railway station in Jinan in Shandong province for half an hour.

Xu, who claimed he had had too much to drink, got impatient after failing to unlock the door of the stationary train. He then decided to break the glass with an emergency hammer because he felt sick and needed to “get some fresh air”.

He was then stopped by a staff and taken into police custody after the train arrived in Beijing.

In case you are unable to watch the above video, here’s the transcript of the conversation between the police and the drunk man:

(from 0:40 onward)
Police: Did you break this?
Drunk Passenger: Yes, I broke this.
Drunk Passenger: I tried to open the door.
Police: Which door did you tried to open? The one you broke?
Drunk Passenger: No, isn’t there a green button? I tried to press it, but I couldn’t open the door.
Drunk Passenger: So I came back to my seat.
Drunk Passenger: From here (passenger carriage), I took the emergency hammer and went back to break the glass.
Police: How many times did you hit the glass?
Drunk Man: Just once. I thought it would let in some air, so I only hit the glass once.
Police: What happened to the glass after you smash it?
Drunk Man: There was a hole, and then the glass shattered.

According to report, Xu was detained for allegedly intentionally damaging property. If found guilty, he could face up to three years in prison.


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