Elementary school teacher throws stapler, injuring eyes of an 11-year-old student for being “noisy”

By May 24, 2019Current

TL;DR – This is not the way to behave at school.

A South Korean elementary school student’s eyes were injured by his homeroom teacher, who allegedly threw a stapler at the class when the students became too noisy.

On 22 May, a 51-year-old homeroom teacher at an elementary school was charged for violating the Child Welfare Law, said the Incheon Seobu Police Station.

The homeroom teacher has been accused of throwing a stapler in the direction of the Grade 4 elementary school students during class and injuring one of the students who was seated at the back of the classroom.

The student, whose glasses were broken by the stapler that was thrown at him, was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries around his eyes and nose. He had undergone a suture operation for his eyes and is still undergoing treatment for his nose injury.

A police report was later lodged against the homeroom teacher by the student’s parents for the inflicted injuries.

During the investigation, the homeroom teacher reportedly admitted that he had thrown the stapler when the class became too disruptive, but he had not expected it to hit anyone.

The homeroom teacher has since been suspended by the elementary school.


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