Sphynx cat gets tied up on all four limbs to get inked by tattoo artist

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TL;DR – So cruel. And what if the cat doesn’t like that tattoo design?

A video of a cat getting inked by a tattoo artist got netizens up in arms after it was being uploaded on a video sharing website, LiveLeak.

In the video, which was allegedly taken at a tattoo parlour in China, a cat was seen with its four limbs all tied up – presumably to prevent it from moving during the tattooing process.

Later, a man appeared and began inking tattoos of colourful snake and camellia flower on the back of the petite cat.

As the cat was getting inked, the owner could be seen sitting by its side, and was watching the entire process nonchalantly.

Generally, unless it’s for major surgery, general anesthesia is usually not recommended for animals as it involves risks. But in this case, the poor cat was subjected to general anesthesia unnecessarily, just to get inked.

According to report, it’s a trend for cats to get inked on their backs in China as it symbolizes “wealth”.

Netizens who saw the video were outraged, and were calling for animal abuse in China to be eradicated.

Unfortunately in China, this isn’t an isolated incident. A tattoo artist nicknamed Quangzi, also came under fire in 2017 for tattooing the leg of his four-month-old cat.


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