Chinese celebrity couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen break up after 4 years of dating

By June 27, 2019Current

TL;DR – Oh no, not another golden couple.

While we are all trying to recover from the Song-Song couple’s short-lived romance, Chinese celebrity couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have announced that they have broken up.

In a Weibo post today (27 June), Chinese actress Fan Bingbing wrote, “We may experience all sorts of farewells in our lives, but the love and warmth that we received during each encounter will turn into a power that lasts us forever. Thank you for all the sacrifices, support, and love that you have given me. Thank you for the concern and love that you will be giving me in the future. We are no longer “us”, but we are still us.”

Although the Chinese actress did not explicitly announce the breakup, however, it was confirmed later when Li Chen reposted her Weibo post.

In his own post, Li Chen added, “From friends to lovers, and then back to friends again. The form of emotions may change, but the pure feelings between you and me will never change. The mutual trust and support that we have is something that will last forever. We are no longer “us”, but we are still us.”

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen went public with their relationship in May 2015 and announced their engagement in 2017.


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