Viral pictures of this curious cat explain why you should never touch open switchboards

By August 14, 2019Current

TL;DR – Curiosity (almost) killed the cat.

The proverb “curiosity killed the cat” almost came true for this curious feline who just couldn’t keep its paws off an electricity switchboard.

In a tweet shared by a Twitter user, she uploaded four photographs that show a cat fiddling with an open switchboard.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for the cat, who receives a mild electric shock from the switchboard, which gave the cat a new hairdo.

Like this:

The tweet went viral and has garnered over 14,000 likes and received tons of comments.

While there were netizens who were amused by the cat:

There were also people who were obviously not very pleased with what has happened to the cat:

Thankfully, no real harm has been done, but this serves as a reminder to keep clear of open switchboards!



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