A tweet suggests that a BTS Army may have been arrested by police during Hong Kong protest

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TL;DR – “We all know who that pink bunny is and what that means.”

If you are an ARMY – fan of the famous South Korean boy group, BTS – you’ll probably recognize the pink bunny keychain in the photo below:

It seems that more and more spotlights are being cast on the Hong Kong protests and more concerns are raised after a recent tweet went viral on the internet.

A photo uploaded in the tweet shows a pink rabbit keychain lying on the floor.

This keychain, apparently, is one of the BT21 characters – lovingly known as Cooky – and was created by BTS’s Jungkook.

According to the tweet, the keychain is said to belong to a teenage girl who was participating in the ongoing Hong Kong protests.

Netizens and ARMYs from all over the world are expressing their concern over the Hong Kong protests and the fan who dropped her keychain.





It’s not important whose fan she belongs to, but the fact that she’s carrying a keychain means that she could be young enough to be a student. It is a bitter reality to know that even young people are out there protesting. It is not just this keychain that has been trampled on, but the freedom of the Hong Kong citizens.

The sight of this doll makes Hong Kong feels so close to me even though I’m in a different country. I hope they are alright and not hurt.

It must have belonged to a student who was out there fighting in the streets for democracy. I hope that she is safe and not hurt. Something about this is heartbreaking —

It has been reported that 15 Hong Kongers between the ages of 12 to 15 had been arrested by the Hong Kong police since anti-government protests erupted in June.


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