Project RED launches 4 short films to tackle the issue of social integration through fictional and relatable scenarios

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TL;DR – We have more in common than we think.

If you haven’t already known, Viddsee, in collaboration with, has recently launched an anthology of short films by four acclaimed local filmmakers that explore how all of us, regardless of background and where we come from, may have more in common than we actually think.

The project titled RED is named after the colour of the Singaporean flag that stands for universal brotherhood and equality of man.

Conceptualised by Viddsee, the four films are set out to challenge Singaporeans’ commitment to that statement through thoughtful present-day conundrums, while tackling the issue of social integration through fictional and relatable scenarios.

Singapore Flying

In “Singapore Flying” directed by K. Rajagopal, two couples are forced to confront about how they feel about job security and each other while on a ride on the Singapore Flyer.

The Dispute

Directed by Daniel Yam, “The Dispute” depicts an altercation between two children that escalates to a heated squabble between their protective mothers from different countries.

Merging Lanes

“Merging Lanes” directed by Kat Goh shows how two familiar strangers of different backgrounds who cross each other’s path every day share more in common than they imagine.

Common Ground

“Common Ground” directed by M. Raihan Halim depicts a misunderstanding in a heartland hawker that escalates into an argument, and eventually the realisation of what makes one Singaporean.

Viewers can watch these videos on’s YouTube channel or on Viddsee’s website.


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