Starbucks Singapore launches its new fall menu, including its famous Pumpkin Spice latte

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TL;DR – Pumpkin, spice and everything nice!

You may not have realised it but autumn’s arrived and Starbucks Singapore has launched their latest seasonal drinks and merchandise.

And yes, everyone’s favourite seasonal beverage the Pumpkin Spice Latte is making a grand return.

Treat yourself to the familiar, comforting notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, topped with a dollop of whipped cream and yummy pumpkin pie spices!

Tall: $7.60.

Available hot, iced and blended.

This year, Starbuck Singapore has also included their all-new Vanilla Fig Latte in the fall menu.

Similar to the Pumpkin Spice Latte, it is made of Starbucks’ signature espresso with creamy steamed milk. However, this beverage is said to give you a smooth, balanced and subtly sweet concoction – thanks to the combination of the vanilla syrup and the dried fig.

Tall: $7.60.

Available hot, iced and blended.

Anniversary-Siren Collection

Dive into the Siren’s enchanting world, with our newest mugs and tumblers in gorgeous shades of blue and elegant touches of gold. Available in stores from 4 Sept, while stocks last.

Posted by Starbucks Singapore on Tuesday, 3 September 2019


On top of the new menu, Starbucks Singapore is also celebrating its heritage with the evergreen Anniversary-Siren Collection, featuring ethereal sea elements including enchanting scale and wave patterns set against a bold and refreshing color palette.


12oz: $38.90.


Left, 12oz: $22.90. Middle, 16oz: $25.90. Right, 16oz: $21.90.


Left, 12oz: $34.90. Right, 16oz: $25.90.


Left, 16oz: $36.90. Middle, 12oz: $39.90. Right, 16oz: $44.90.

Anniversary Starbucks Card

Yours when you load a minimum of $20, while stocks last.

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Left, 12oz: $18.90. Right, 16oz: $36.90.


16oz: $44.90.


20oz: $39.90.


Left, 12oz: $39.90. Right, 12oz: $29.90.

Both items are only available at selected stores.

Starbucks Siren

16.9oz: $79.90.

Only available at Starbucks Northpoint City, Raffles City, United Square and Westgate. Payment to be made with a registered Starbucks Card.

Starbucks® Anniversary Blend

Whole Bean, 250g: $16.90.
Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew, 12 sticks: $16.90.
Starbucks Origami™ Personal Drip Coffee, 6-pack: $9.90.

Starbucks Siren Bearista


Only available at selected stores.


14oz: $22.90.

Siren’s Tale

3oz: $24.90.

Only available at selected stores.

Be sure to grab one of these limited-edition tumblers and cups for your next morning coffee run!


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