Here’s a list of alleged gay celebrities in Singapore

By September 24, 2019Current

TL;DR – Singapore’s very own WikiLeaks.



On 23 September, a twitter user by the handle @Blackspadeisba1 shared a list of local celebrities, which he or she claims to be gay.

There are a total of 20 local male celebrities who made it into the list of alleged gay celebrities.

In case you can’t see the tweet, here’s a screenshot of the tweet:

Screenshot taken from the Internet


Personally, I’m not quite sure who they are…. But if it’s on the Internet, this list should be legit, right?



One netizen came forward to celebrity number 7’s defence and said he shouldn’t be on the list.

But really, who’s that though?

And I wonder what’s at Neil Road?

Then again, it’s 2019! Who cares about their sexual orientation or preference as long as they’re professional in their work and cute, right?

P.S: Check out OP’s other cocky tweets at your own risk.

P. P. S: Maybe don’t do it when you are in the office?


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