Is 1 week’s jail sentence too light for man who punched the Roxy Square security officer?

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TL;DR – He could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

I’m quite sure by now, most of us must have heard about the incident at Roxy Square where a 60-year-old security supervisor was punched in the face by a Caucasian man.

But in case you missed it – or can’t quite remember what happened – here’s the video that went viral on social media:

Diagnosed with major depressive disorder

Apparently, after the video went viral online, the identity of the Caucasian man who caused widespread outrage for mocking and punching the security officer was quickly tracked down by netizens.

He has been identified as Stuart Mills, 47, a Singapore permanent resident and had worked at a couple of multinational advertising agencies here.

Subsequently, the British national was diagnosed with major depressive disorder after he began receiving hate mail and abuse, said his lawyer.

According to Mumbrella, Mills is “married to a Singaporean, Mills is the owner of The Creative Mills. His last job before going the entrepreneurial route was as global creative director at TBWA Singapore. He left the agency in May 2018.”

“Having worked across the UK and Australia, Mills began the Asia-leg of his career joining Ogilvy Singapore in 2005.”

“He later worked for Phibious in Vietnam, Bates CHI Singapore as a freelance creative director and at Cheil in Korea, before moving back to Singapore to join TBWA in 2017.”

What happened at Roxy Square

According to Straits Times, the confrontation between Mills and the security supervisor, Andrew Lim Cheng Hock, began when the former complained to a security officer that he couldn’t find an exit out of the mall – after having his third bottle of liquor.

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The security officer then tried to explain to Mills that the exits were already closed since it was already late.

However, Mills refused to listen and demanded to speak to their supervisor, who was Lim.

Lim tried to tell Mills that there were several other exits, but he was ignored. Instead, Mills began behaving in a threatening manner, standing very close to him.

In response to Mills’ intimidation, Lim asked the security officer to take a video in case anything happened.

Besides hurling profanity at Lim, the video also showed Mills tripping Lim over with his leg, and later punching Lim in his face, knocking the older man to the ground.

Mills reportedly fled from the scene as the security officer called the police.

He went back to Roxy Square  the next day to apologise for his actions. But Lim’s colleagues refused to have any of that, and instead called the police.

He had since made a voluntary compensation of $2,000 to the victim as well. At this point, we’d like to remind all readers that the Lim’s medical bill was in excess of $1,000 and his pair of prescription glasses was also damaged in the incident.

Is one week’s jail sentence too light?

For hurting the security officer, Mills could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

But his lawyer pleaded for a lighter sentence on the account that he had been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and was “utterly remorseful for what he had done”.

Mills was eventually sentenced to one week’s jail.

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In response, some netizens were not quite happy with his punishment:

Do you think he should be given a harsher punishment?

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