So, what does Jihad really mean?

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TL;DR – It is not a dirty word.

More often than not, the term “Jihad” is often conflated with terrorism and violence.

However, this is a distorted interpretation because the term, Jihad has been widely abused and twisted by people who misuse it to justify acts of terror in the name of Islam.

In a light-hearted yet purposeful video below, the winning team of the 5th Madrasah Seminar media competition shares with us the true definition and what Jihad is really all about:

Madrasah Seminar media competition winning video

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘jihad’?

The winning team of the Madrasah Seminar media competition has done an interesting video.

Congratulations Muhammad Isyraq Bin Abdul Aziz, Dzulfadhli Bin Latiff, Muhammad Nasrullah Bin Mohamed Jasmani, Noor Hudaa Bte Sheikh Omar and Siti Fatimatuzzahra Bte Razali.

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So yup, Jihad is certainly not violence, and definitely not terrorism!

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