S’porean woman finds jelly-like substance in Pokka beverage purchased from EzBuy

By November 1, 2019Current, Food

TL;DR – Be careful what you drink.

A Singaporean woman known as Tan Sijia Cattie has, unfortunately, found some jelly-like substance from a bottle of Pokka green tea which she purchased from EzBuy.

In a post she wrote to Pokka’s Facebook page, she included a video detailing her ordeal with the Pokka green tea.

According to Tan, she bought the Pokka green tea from Ezbuy.

And the drink would only expire 5 May 2020.

Tan did not realize that there was sediment in the drink until she was almost done with the entire bottle. She thought that having sediment in drinks isn’t unusual, but she found that the texture was “a bit weird”.

Hence, she decided to pour the drink out.

To her horror, the sediment turns out to be jelly-like in texture with some dark, black specks.

She described her experience as “very scary” and “very disturbing”

To make things worse, she still has another bottle of unopened green tea sitting in her kitchen.

You can watch the video and read her Facebook post in full below:


From what we understand, Pokka has already been in contact with the customer:



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