PMD rider confronts couple at bus stop, accuses them of “staring” at him

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TL;DR – So fierce.

On 13 November, a video of a personal mobility device (PMD) rider confronting a couple at a bus stop was uploaded to Facebook page Kakis’ Club. The couple in the video was accused of “staring” at the PMD rider “like some sort of criminal”.

The video has since received over 92,000 views and more than 1,000 shares.

If you can’t watch the above video, here’s the transcript of the exchange:

PMD rider: Oei(?)
Lady: Huh?
PMD rider: Oei(?) can I check with you uh, just now did I did anything wrong?
Lady and Man: No ah.
PMD rider: The way you stare at me like one kind.
Man: No ah?
PMD rider: I know the regulation about this pavement ah.
Lady: No lah, sir.
PMD rider: I know regarding this pavement lah, ok?
Man: I never said anything what, brother.
PMD rider: This, is about regarding me and LTA. Ok?
PMD rider: If you are not happy or what ah, ok? It is none of your business.
Man: I never said anything, brother.
PMD rider: No, the way you stand there and you look at me ah.
Man: Did I say anything? No right?
PMD rider: The way you look at me ah, like I’m some sort of criminal like that.
PMD rider: Huh? Ok?
PMD rider: Huh?
Man: I never talked to you ah. I never said anything, you don’t… (turns away)
Lady: (in Mandarin) Don’t care about him, we didn’t even say anything about him.
Man: I never said anything.
PMD rider: You want to call police?
Man: I never said anything ah.
PMD rider: You want to call police?
Man: Hello? You don’t do that anything ah. Please.
Man: This is Singapore. I never said anything, and I never said anything.
Man: I never do anything at all. Ok?
Man: You do your job, I walk my way. That’s it.
Man: I never stop you or whatever right?
PMD rider: Yah.
Man: Now you try to do what? I don’t know.
Man: But me? I walk to take a bus. That’s it.
Man: I never disturb you
PMD rider: Correct. The way…
Man: I never do anything, I never do eh, please.
Man: Hor?
PMD rider: Ok? The way you talk?
PMD rider: Aye, the way you watch at me ah.
PMD rider: Aye. Not say what lah, aye.
Man: I got nothing to say to you. I do nothing to you.
PMD rider: Aye, this is not up to you all you know? Ok?
PMD rider: This is up to LTA. Ok?
PMD rider: Huh?
PMD rider: Ok or not?
PMD rider: You want to viral right? This video?
PMD rider: (mumbles something incoherent) Ok? Correct ah?
PMD rider: Huh?
PMD rider: Here got.. got police camera you know? OK?

Unhappiness with the ban

Understandably, there has been a lot of unhappiness and grouses amongst the PMD riders since e-scooters were banned on footpaths.

Food delivery PMD riders have also met up with ministers and members of parliament’s (MPs) at various Meet-The-People-Sessions (MPS) to lament their frustrations at the ban as it has affected their livelihoods.

A group of them have also taken to Telegram to air their grievances over the ban, with some citing for fellow riders to pull a protest here in Singapore, because “we must be same like Hong Kong create riots.”

Support for the delivery riders

To support food delivery riders who have been affected by the ban, authorities have rolled out a Transition Assistance Package (TAP) to provide comprehensive assistance.

In addition, NTUC’s e2i and Workforce Singapore (WSG) have also stepped in to work with food delivery companies to provide affected delivery riders with jobs options and career advice.

We’ve also found the video taken from the lady’s perspective. You can watch it here.

P.S: But no chio bu inside.


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