NTUC announces additional assistance package for PMD delivery riders

By November 15, 2019Current

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NTUC has announced that it will be rolling out with more assistance to help NTUC union members who are personal mobility devices (PMD) delivery riders affected by the footpath ban.

Through this assistance package, both existing and new NTUC union members can receive help with their daily essentials and membership fee reimbursement, said NTUC’s Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng in his Facebook post.

The assistance package will consist of two key components: 1) U FSE Short-term Relief Fund 2) E-scooter Delivery Riders Training and Career Support Programme.

U FSE Short-term Relief Fund

Launched by NTUC’s U FSE (Freelancers and Self-Employed) Unit, the U FSE Short-term Relief Fund will help delivery riders alleviate their daily essentials, as well as their membership fee.

This initiative is aimed at helping delivery riders who are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to take on alternative employment due to pre-existing medical constraints, or if they are the primary caregiver in their household with dependent(s).

Under this short-term relief fund, eligible union members can enjoy three months’ worth of membership reimbursement.

Existing eligible NTUC union members will also be able to apply for $200 worth of credits, while new eligible union members who sign up for the membership by 31 December 2019 can apply for $100 worth of credits.

These will be in the form of Kopitiam and NTUC FairPrice gift cards.

E-scooter Delivery Riders Training and Career Support Programme

NTUC LearningHub will also roll out curated training programmes for riders who wish to continue in their profession. These programmes will include training in safety, service management and first aid.

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To sign up for the training program, affected PMD riders may register with their food delivery companies. GrabFood riders who are interested in these training programmes can register with Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) career coaches who are currently deployed at the premise.

Affected riders who wish to consider other job options can approach the NTUC’s e2i, at which they will identify and assess their skills gaps and thereafter recommend suitable interventions through the Adapt and Grow programmes.

Representing Delivery Riders

On top of the launching the assistance package, NTUC’s U FSE has also expressed its intention to be a representative voice for those who rely on e-scooters to make a living.

NTUC’s U FSE Acting Director Jean See said,

Having heard their concerns on the ground, I urge riders who are not members to join us so that they can access our suite of services that address their needs. We know that some riders are facing financial hardship and hope that the fund will provide them with some immediate relief. I also strongly encourage riders to take up the training programmes that will be rolled out soon.


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