releases 4 Singaporean version K-dramas that are so relatable to Singaporeans

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TL;DR – Just convince yourself it’s K-drama, without the Oppa.

Have you ever wondered, if a family drama series is made out of your own life, how would look like?

I’d want to imagine mine to be like one of those plots in the Korean dramas – Hailing from a middle class but not a particularly rich family, I’m the typical charming but “flawed” female protagonist whose life is usually filled with a few twists and turns.

I’d then meet the male protagonist, an arrogant and socially inept son of a super-rich chaebol family, who would do the typical K-wrist grab thingamajig on me when we get into fights.


And despite his male-chauvinistic attitude that may come off as being a bit violent, I’d still foolishly fall for him. After some time, he’d be transformed into a good guy by the end of the show, where we’d all settle down and live together happily ever after – yes, even when both families disapprove of our relationship.

The reality is, however, a far cry from the K-drama life that I’m yearning for.

My husband ain’t no mesmerizing Oppa who watches me attentively as I doze off on the sofa – after spending the day working full time, and then being on Mommy duty at home where I have to chase the kids around, just to get them to bed – and still finds me cute.

In fact, I’m just an ordinary Singaporean, leading my average AF Singaporean life in Singapore.

And like many other Singaporeans out there, I like to grumble about Singapore sometimes and I’d badmouth about the Government too – for the increasing cost of living, the transport fare hike, the expensive healthcare, and on top of it all, for being so stingy with their goodie bags and handouts.

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Ah, if I could describe my typical Singaporean family; it’d be the Ismail family here:

Together With The Ismails

Mr and Mrs Ismail want the best for their two young children, 8-year-old Fatin and 3-year-old Suzi. As they navigate their parenthood journey, they will receive support from the Baby Bonus Child Development Account and Cash Gift as well as childcare subsidies.

The couple will also have a peace of mind with Nenek’s healthcare needs taken care of with the Merdeka Generation Package.

The GST Voucher-U-Save scheme and the Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Rebate also assist the family of five in managing their daily household expenses.

For those doing their best for their children, we’re with you every step of the way.

Check out the three other Singaporean families’ story below, you’d probably be able to relate to them better (than K-dramas, sobs).


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