Japanese man vlogs himself visiting Singapore’s most dangerous area, Yishun

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TL;DR – Let’s make Yishun great again!

Ghibli Ojisan, a traveller and musician from Japan, uploaded a video on 10 December titled, “Japanese Visiting Singapore’s Most Dangerous Area | Yishun Vlog” on his YouTube channel which has over 102,000 subscribers.

Currently based in Singapore, Ghibli must have heard a lot about Yishun.

Well, at least enough for him to be able to list out some of the “weird incidents” that have taken place in Yishun over the years.

For instance, the murder cases, suicide cases, cat-killings, drug deals and so on. He even brought up this strange incident of a mysterious man who goes around knocking on doors in Yishun estate asking families for their children.

Fortunately, Ghibli’s expedition in Yishun didn’t turn out too bad at all. And no, he didn’t find any dead cats. There were no dead bodies and neither did he meet anyone with stun guns. Phew.

Instead, he met friendly and helpful Singaporeans, had cheap and satisfying roast duck rice, visited beautiful temples and saw cute stray cats roaming the neighbourhood.

The only dangerous thing he thought he found in Yishun was the fried food from the stalls at a pasar malam.

Towards the end of the 19-minute long video, Ghibli concluded that Yishun is actually a nice neighbourhood because you know, “it’s Singapore after all” and it cannot be that bad.

You may watch the video below:

The video has since garnered more than 29,000 views and here are some responses of Singaporeans who saw the video:

Not sure about you, but my heart swells with pride whenever I hear positive comments from foreigners living in Singapore. It’s nice to know that they love our country as much as I do!


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