A simple little story of how Uncle Raj finds contentment in his post-retirement years

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TL;DR – His story is just like the narrative of anyone from our parents’ generation.

I have waited so long to write this post about this gentleman, Uncle Raj. I set a reminder for myself to do that after 12th December, and so, here I go.

Allow me to introduce who Uncle Raj is.

He is the familiar face that I come across regularly in my daily commute via the Downtown Line. Yes, Uncle Raj is happily employed as a Customer Relations Officer with SBS Transit.

I observed Uncle Raj for a long long time before I actually began a conversation with him. It is not that he is unfriendly. On the contrary, Uncle Raj warms up to everyone who greets him. He possesses this great art of making people feel at ease and get people to enjoy their journey with SBS Transit. Many commuters greet him and engage him on a daily basis. Hence, I had to wait for my queue number before I could reach out to him.

Definitely, Uncle Raj just has that precious skill of getting people to open up.

After a few months of regular chats with him, I am also beginning to admire his zest for life too.

Uncle Raj’s story is a simple one – just like the narrative of anyone from my parents’ generation.

Uncle Raj’s children are all working professionals and doing well in their careers. Uncle Raj, himself, has worked hard all his life after moving from KL to Singapore about 50 years ago. Despite him being contented with his retirement years, Uncle Raj decided to step forward a couple of years ago to engage the community and keep himself occupied by working for the transport company.

Uncle Raj told me a couple of times that the company has treated him well. Although he is just a part timer who works 3.5 hours on weekdays and 5 hours on weekends, the company is generous with the employee benefits.

I am not going to touch on Uncle Raj’s employment perks.

The key thing that I am trying to put across is that I have learnt so much about the meditative effect of contentment from Uncle Raj. Uncle Raj has a calming presence in front of us simply because he possesses contentment.

It is a pity that all good encounters will come to a reluctant parting eventually.

A few days ago, I found out from Uncle Raj that he was about to be transferred to another station along the Downtown Line. There was a tinge of uneasiness as we humans are generally creatures of habit. After getting used to greeting Uncle Raj and chatting with him regularly in my daily commute, I am going to miss him. However, he has relayed to me where he was going to be transferred to and fortunately the new workplace is just a stop away.

I will still go to him in future to seek out his wisdoms of life.

Here’s a huge salute to Uncle Raj for taking so much pride in his work and rubbing his positivity to so many of us.


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