Is it true that you can be fined for looking at your phone while crossing the road?

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TL;DR – No, it is not true.

It seems that yet another piece of fake news about pedestrians being fined while crossing the road while using their phones is making the rounds on Facebook and WhatsApp groups again.

This time, fake news says that the Highway Code, which has been updated on 1 December, includes a fine of up to $1,000 against pedestrian who uses their mobile while crossing the road.

This is not true.

The traffic police have indeed updated the Highway Code earlier this month.

However, the updated Highway Code did not include any “new traffic law” that makes pedestrians using the phone while crossing the road punishable with a fine.

Instead, under the amended Highway Code, pedestrians are advised to avoid using mobile communication devices while crossing roads:

Avoiding the Use of Mobile Communication Devices while Crossing Roads

Pedestrians are a particularly vulnerable group of road users.  They face an increased risk of fatal or severe injury in the event of an accident.

Pedestrians should exercise caution at all times, and not risk their own safety and the safety of other road users. When crossing roads, they should avoid using mobile communication devices. They should always use pedestrian crossings where available, and obey all traffic signs and traffic lights.

So yes, if you see any message circulating and telling you that you can be fined for looking at your phone while crossing the road in Singapore, please know that that is certainly not true.

In the Facebook post, the police urged the public not to spread unsubstantiated information which may cause public alarm.


From 1 December 2019, amendments will be made to the Highway Code. Watch the video below to find out more on the key amendments.

Posted by Singapore Police Force on Friday, November 15, 2019


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Members of the public may submit queries on police matters online at the police e-services website.


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