Anyone can make these soft and yummy Milo ice popsicles in under 5 minutes!

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TL;DR – Just add 3-in-1 Milo, fresh milk and condensed milk and it’s done!

So, there’s a 2.25M-kinda viral video from Malaysia just a few months ago, and it’s a video sharing a really simple recipe for homemade Milo ice popiscles.

Trust me, it’s really simple, so foolproof that even I am confident I can pull this off.

Here’s what you will need to make five really soft and yummylicious Milo ice pops!

  • five sachets of 3-in-1 Milo powder
  • 300ML of fresh milk (or you can also use water)
  • 100ML of condensed milk

Step #1 Prepare five sachets of 3-in-1 Milo powder (via)

Step #2 Prepare a pitcher filled with 300ML of fresh milk or water (via)

Step #3 Pour all the Milo powder into the pitcher of fresh milk (via)

Step #4 Pour 100ML of condensed milk into the pitcher of fresh milk and Milo powder (via)

Step #5 Stir well (via)

Step #6 Prepare a glass or any suitable container and place the five now-empty Milo sachets upright into the glass (via)

Step #7 Pour the pitcher of Milo mixture into the five sachets (via)

Step #8 Place an ice-cream stick into each of the five Milo sachets (via)

Step #9 Freeze for five hours (via)

Step #10 It’s actually all frozen and ready to eat after five hours! Just cut open the sachet (via)

Step #11 ENJOY! (via)

So you can stop here, or if you’re entertaining guests and having some party, you can do one extra step to dress up the Milo ice pops!

Step #12 Prepare some melted cooking chocolate, preferably dark chocolate (via)

Step #13 Just go over the Milo ice pops with the melted chocolate in a zigzag manner (via)

ZZANG! All done and ready to pamper your kids or guests with these yummylicious Milo ice-cream! (via)

It’s really easy-peasy, right? The preparation work can be done in under five minutes and the three basic ingredients are what most families can easily find at home too.

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Or you can also watch the full video here. Have fun with ’em Milo ice pops!


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