Boon Lay Place “granny” neighbour waters plants with oil, urine and vomit and it stinks AF

By January 7, 2020Current

TL;DR – Who are you gonna call if you encounter “neighbours from hell”?

There was a news article earlier today about “hammering unit” in Pending Road, and how a family had refused to comply with Singapore’s first-ever Exclusion Order served. The order bars them from their own home.

It got me curious about such cases of “neighbours from hell” and I was doing some back-reading and saw that there’re nearly 3,500 cases of neighbour disputes every year. That’s quite a lot of disputes!

And then I came across a newly reported case in the Chinese media. This time, it’s in Boon Lay.

The “granny” neighbour claimed that oil and urine can fertilise the plants and keep Aedes away. She has even thrown vomit into the pot before (via)

So is it mischief or was she really trying to pile on fertilisers for the neighbours?

This “granny” neighbour has been said to be disturbing her neighbours for about half a year. She has been pouring oil, urine into her neighbours’ flower pots in the middle of the night, and she has apparently even poured vomit into the pots. Yeps, her acts has made the corridor stink like crazy.

Mr Ng of Block 209 Boon Lay Place told Lianhe Wanbao that he lives five doors away from this “granny” neighbour in her 60s. She started doing these things to disturb the neighbours since half a year ago.

Mr Ng said that at 11PM on the night of 18th July last year, he caught a whiff of sharp urine smell when he was walking along the common corridor. He went in search of the source of the offending smell and found a small bag of trash and the floor was wet with urine. The same thing happened again three days later. Mr Ng then alerted the town council.

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According to Mr Ng, for the six months following the July incidents, the pots that his mother has placed along the corridor were poured with oil, urine, vomit and even prawn shells. There were nine incidents last month (December) alone, and Mr Ng had made five police reports.

Another neighbour Mr Lee (75, fisherman) shared that the “granny” neighbour started to water the plants late at night for the past six months. She would suddenly knock her watering equipment around noisily and it has been disturbing Mr Lee’s sleep. Mr Lee said that the “granny” neighbour will also throw rubbish along the corridor and the stench is very bad. In an attempt to keep peace, Mr Lee has been trying to put up with all her antics.

Another neighbour who did not wish to be named said that he has not been sleeping well as the elderly neighbour will talk very loudly and be throwing things around noisily. “Ah-ma keeps some plants right at her doorstep and because she uses urine to water the plants, the stench is really bad. Some residents have called the police and we’ve seen the police coming over to help mediate for the past three days.”


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