Japanese retailers put up supportive messages to cheer on people in China amid virus outbreak

By January 31, 2020Current

TL;DR – Spread love, not xenophobia.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increases, the stocks of surgical face masks across Asia are plunging with shoppers frantically forming snaking queues at supermarkets and pharmacies to stock up on them.

While the unscrupulous vendors in Singapore are taking advantage of the shortage of masks to jack up prices, the stores in Japan, on the other hand, are marking down prices and putting up supportive messages to cheer on the people in China amid virus outbreak.

Most of the supportive messages seen above can be translated to: “Press on, China”, “Press on Wuhan.”

While this one reads: “Press on China! We tried to bring in as many masks as we could. Hope this will help at least a little!”

Awww, what a very heartwarming gesture!

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