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TL;DR – The limits are imposed to allow the supply chain to catch up on its deliveries to the stores.

In case you don’t already know, NTUC FairPrice has announced that it will be limiting the number of essential items that customers can buy at all FairPrice outlets across Singapore.

The limits had been imposed to ensure that more people have access to these items even as shelves continue to be re-stocked.

Products that had been imposed with purchase limits are:

  1. Rice (limited to two bags of rice per shopper)
  2. Paper products (limited to four packs per shopper)
  3. Instant noodles (limited to four pillow packs per shopper)
  4. Vegetables (limited to $50 worth of vegetables per shopper)

This announcement comes after people were seen bulk-buying essentials such as rice and toilet paper over the weekend after the DORSCON level was raised to Orange.

“Huh? Why need to limit? I thought got enough stocks?”

In a Facebook post on Sunday evening, Fairprice Group chief executive Seah Kian Peng explained that while the supermarket had ample stocks at the warehouse to feed demand, the impose is to allow the supply chain to catch up on its deliveries to the stores.

He added that the limits set for the four items would still ensure adequate supplies for households.

“For eg, 20kg pack of rice can last a family of 4 up to 2 months. As for toilet paper, 40 rolls can last us quite a while. So these limits are set to ensure no one can buy up huge quantities and hoard and deprive others as a result. The limits are imposed NOT because we do not have enough stocks.”

The Group CEO reiterated in his post that there is no need to stockpile products as supply of daily essentials remains available.

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You may read his Facebook post in full below:


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