Singaporean salutes healthcare workers for not fleeing from this disease but facing it straight on

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TL:DR – Another day, another sweet gesture for our #SGhealthcareheroes!

There have been quite many ground-up initiatives to show love, care and support for our frontline heroes, especially for the healthcare workers, after the Covid-19 outbreak. Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, quite a few people are also taking this special opportunity to show appreciation to the #SGhealthcareheroes!

First up, yes, even our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did so under the #BraveheartSG project where members of the public are encouraged to pen notes to doctors, nurses and other workers in the healthcare industry.

One other little personal project has also caught our eye.

One of our writers’ friends, Jonathan Tan, has arranged to buy flowers for the doctors and medical workers involved in the Covid-19 cases. Yeps, flowers were arranged to be delivered to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID), Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) and also Changi General Hospital (CGH).

Tan had referred to these healthcare workers as Our Singapore Heroes!

So sweeeeeet!

Looks like he’s arranged for the florist to use a mix of different flowers. Nice!

Here’s one to be delivered to Sengkang General Hospital.

This one’s for Changi General Hospital.

There’s an accompanying note to every flower.

One part of this very personal note by Tan read,

“During this Covid-19 period, I salute your courage from not fleeing from this disease but facing it straight on. You are committed to save every human being. You have sacrificed so much and definitely are our unsung heroes.”

In the note, Tan also mentioned that he has composed a song for them, and he printed the lyrics on the note too!

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I reached out to ask him if he has any further plans for the song, and Tan said that he plans to record the song in the coming 1-2 weeks and will upload to share once ready. So look out for it!

When asked about why he decided to do this little deed of love, Tan shared,

Nurses, doctors and fellow staff whom work in the healthcare sector are often neglected especially in a crisis such as this. With this ground-up initiative from an individual like myself, I hope that it will set people to think of kindness beyond an individual.”

Tan also said that we should not limit ourselves to expressing love, kindness and concern only for our healthcare workers, but for fellow Singaporeans. “We should not take anyone or anything from granted.”

Tan is in his early 30s, and he actually remembers the Sars period.

“I remember clearly that i was schooling during SARs period. I could remember that Singaporeans were not panicking and rushing on rations. They seemed calmer. Back then, although there’s Internet, but there’s no social media and dark media.”

I guess as history has proven, in times of crises, we will see both the selfishness of people, and we will also see the selflessness of people. Tan believes that if we remain “collectively united, we can go through this.”

He cautions about fake news and even malicious rumours circulating and urges fellow Singaporeans to be cool cucumbers and verify information and forwarded messages. ”

“Do not blindly follow or listen to others. Always think twice before forwarding unverified information or taking action on something.”

When in doubt, follow the news from official sources and go subscribe to the Whatsapp channel!

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In Tan’s words,

“Always be calm, stay together, we will overcome together.”



Actually the medical workers aren’t the only ones whose work has become more challenging during this period. Also in the line of fire, in terms of exposure and risk to the virus and also in terms of the wrath and impatience of the public, are also other frontline workers such as security officers, public transport workers and the cleaners.

I can only start to imagine how most cleaners’ work has been significantly impacted during this period. Surely they have to clean more times and more thoroughly. The workload must have increased and the work must have become more demanding. And they are possibly at higher risk than most of us to the exposure of the virus.

Not only should we be thankful for all these people’s hard work, we should also be understanding that these are the people who need the protective gear, like surgical masks, more than us.

I’ll leave you with a thoughtful post from a fellow Singaporean.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!



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