British man caught COVID-19 in Wuhan and he’s lived to tell the tale

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TL;DR – Pneumonia is not fun. It feels like you’re breathing through a paper bag.

This British man living in Wuhan, China caught the COVID-19 and he’s lived to tell the tale.


“I thought I’d update on exactly what my health has been like and what’s happened over the course of the last few months.

The virus, it’s serious, it’s definitely very serious. It’s more serious if you’re elderly, or if you have pre-existing health problems.

How it works is it comes in stages.

So the first stage is you have just the common cold. It’s nothing serious, just a normal cold.

From there, you will get better before you get worse.

So your cold will recover, and then you’ll have the flu. And the flu symptoms are like any old flu. You’re gonna be stuck in bed, you’re gonna feel terrible, that sort of thing.

And from the flu, I progressed to pneumonia. That’s where it was quite serious. Pneumonia is not fun. It feels like you’re breathing through a paper bag. And it feels like half your lungs are not working. And breathing is vital to life, so it’s one of those things that if your breathing is affected, it’s a problem. It’s a real big problem.

But then after the pneumonia, I got better fairly quickly. Obviously I did not take any drugs or anything. I’ve always relied on my own immune system to heal myself. I think that’s the best way.

Speaking with you guys now from Wuhan, China, a scary thing being dead centre in the quarantine zone. We’re not allowed to leave our houses. We’re not allowed to go on the street. One person every three days is allowed to leave your property to go and get necessities and that sort of thing.

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It’s been forty days stuck in the house. It’s not fun. I’m slap bang in the centre of the quarantine. We can’t leave our houses, I’ve got to wear a mask every time I go out. But that’s not for my protection, it’s for the protection of other people. That’s to stop the spread of this virus, of this thing.

Obviously people are gonna say they (China) haven’t done enough and they could have done more. Everybody can do more, everybody can do extra. But considering the circumstances of what they’ve done in such a short space of time, I think it’s great. They’ve really done the best they can, they’ve done more than enough.

Obviously it’s an ongoing development and there’s still going to be more things that happen and opportunities that arise to be better. But the Chinese level of infection are definitely plateauing. They’re slowing down and there’re less infections everyday.

Anybody in the UK does suffer any type of symptoms, anything to do from the cold to sniffly nose or anything, definitely get it checked out because you do want to be safe.”


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