There’s a new kid in town and he reminds me of Rockson. Someone else asked if it’s Chan Chun Sing

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TL;DR – Suddenly missing that infamous foul-mouthed blogger from the mid 2000s who went missing.

There’s a new kid in town and he reminds me of Rockson Tan.

Rockson, who?

Man, I made a huge personal sacrifice typing that first sentence. By acknowledging I’m familiar with the foul-mouthed and very clever now-MIA blogger Rockson Tan, I’m also telling you that I’ve lived for a very very very long time. Rockson Tan first pranced (hehe, Rockson liked to refer to his junior as “horse”…) onto the blogosphere in 2005, and the post that catapulted him to fame was the NHK one. So viral it made news. Mind you, that was first-generation blogging scene, and traditional media used to hate on online media, and bloggers weren’t really seen as “influencers”.

He was so good that he had then-very-famous-bloggers Mr Brown and Miyagi gush and wax lyrical about him too! Even Mothership did a piece on him back in 2013, speculating who could be the real person behind Rockson Tan. Nope, I don’t think they got it right in any of those six names they’d speculated.

Rockson was most active in 2005 with all of 54 posts, then had about 14 posts in 2006, and the following years all the way from 2007 to 2013, we saw no more than four posts from him every year. In fact in some years, he only posted once. He disappeared completely in 2014 and 2015 and resurfaced once in 2016. But he has not been seen, heard or read since that May 2016 post.

Is Gooderfeed the new Rockson Tan?

Come come, guys, meet Gooderfeed.

For now, it looks like this chap lives on Facebook only. A quick check on the Facebook page indicated that the page was created on 1st April 2016, but regular postings only started happening late last year. This chap rants a lot; posts are dripping with Singlish and bad grammar and typo, and posts are also peppered with dashes of vulgarities. But but but, the topics are often current and one can also most say there’re some insights and wisdom if you would look beyond the language.

The Gooderfeed chap touches on many topics, ranging from PMD riders to GST to CPF Covid-19.

A Facebook friend shared the latest post from Gooderfeed on CPF, and hehe, it was one of those read-until-so-shiok-but-not-really-very-shareable content for me, LOL! The language’s a little embarrassing, hehe!

Someone even suggested that perhaps our Minister for Trade and Industry’s behind the CPF post!


“Best post ever about the legend of KPKB CPF. Love it.”

But I was reminded of Rockson Tan rightaway, and was intrigued enough to check out the other posts.

The post with the highest engagement was on PMD riders

Although the CPF post is now at 800+ shares now as I’m typing this, it’s not its highest-shared post so far.

Still remember the hottest topic at dinner tables before COVID-19? Yeps, it was probably on the ban of PMDs on footpaths back in November. Turns out that Gooderfeed’s post with highest engagement was that one with over a thousand shares.

Here’s the post in full, in case you cannot see it from Facebook,

Dear PMD Food Delivery Riders,

this is an open letter to all of you.

I know that you lost your job.

I know that you have family to feed.

I know that you are very poor thing.

I know that the gahment’s ban was very sudden and caused you guys a lot of stress and problems.


I also know that you are fucking entitled and please fucking stop it.

Imagine this is a case that Grab, FoodPanda, or Deliveroo pulling out of the market instead of gahment ban. The end game is the same, you will not have a job.

This is the problem with this industry. Yes, it is quick cash and you can earn quite a decent amount if you are hardworking.


Ask yourself these, how long can you do this for a living? Can you do this forever?

This job will disappear when it is no longer a lucrative business for them. The companies do not owe you a living. You are only earning “a lot” because of the incentives.

This job will disappear when people decided that paying for delivery is too expensive and go buy their own food.

This job will disappear when restaurants feel that paying for the handling fee is too expensive.

This job will disappear when automated cars get perfected for this function.

This job will disappear even before you turn old and grey.

This job will disappear for more reasons than you can think of.

This job will disappear when people keeps riding recklessly and got this thing banned.

In these cases, who are you going to blame? What were you doing before this job exist? What was your grand plan to feed your family before this came along? You blame the gahment for lousy planning and execution. If you planned your life so well, why the fuck are you doing this? I am sorry if this was part of your plan when you were a kid. You wrote this on your essay and said that you want to grow up to be a Grab delivery man? Okay can. Then I take that back.

You blame the gahment now because it is an easy excuse.

The gahment and business owners are already trying to help by allowing trade-ins.

The gahment is already helping at MPS to gather feedback.

The gahment is already helping by jioing NTUC to help to give you a job.

The gahment is ready to give financial aid for those who needs it.

The gahment does not owe you a job that pays you $5000 or a living.

The policies are around to help Singapore as a whole. They do their best to help you and not let you throw your weight around.

You should look after yourself.

You should count your blessing gahment is giving you money, job, and trade-ins. However “not enough” it is. They don’t need to do this you know?

You should do anything you can now to earn money.

You should should go learn something and get a more stable job that you can work longer in life.

You should just shut the FUCK UP and if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change!

Now tell me, who else sang that last line?!


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