3 Amazing Things Singaporeans Came Up With During Covid-19

By May 1, 2020Current, The Dive, Work

TL;DR — The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives, but it also gave many an opportunity to create something new.

While most of us are staying at home waiting out the Circuit Breaker, managing our stress, anxiety and emotions can be a struggle.

I know because I’ve had my fair share of meltdowns and negativity that comes from juggling telecommuting, home-based learning, cooking and housework all in one day, every day until the Circuit Breaker ends (whenever it does).

How does one manage to stay sane and positive in Covid-19?

One thing which has encouraged me is seeing how Singaporeans have come up with amazing things during this pandemic.

Here is a short list (there are definitely more examples out there) that I hope will inspire you to feel a little bit better about living in Singapore now.

1. Job-matching platforms spring up on social media

From the traditional website / recruitment EDM / newspaper / walk-in interview, job-matching platforms have proliferated on social media.

One example is NTUC’s Job Security Council Telegram chats which have channels for both PMET and non-PMET jobs.

This Telegram channel helped jobseeker 52-year-old Raymond Tan find short-term employment. After spending 20 years building a career in corporate sales, Raymond Tan made the bold decision to take up a short-term role with Racer Technology Pte Ltd. to tide through such uncertain economic times.

Fueled by curiosity and the prospect of a new challenge, Raymond approached e2i’s career coach Justin Ting for career advisory and attended an Executive Workshop to prepare him to understand the importance of targeted job search and tailored resume.

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Today, Raymond is learning new skills at Racer Technology as an Operator. e2i’s career coach will also continue providing their assistance to refer him to new job opportunities through various channels such as virtual career fairs, Telegram Channels and back-end employer referral.

2. Business- or Help-Platforms match hundreds of thousands of local users

When the Circuit Breaker was announced until today, there are multiple business-matching platforms that have proliferated to help match businesses directly to customers who are looking for a convenient listing.

Some platforms I’ve visited or joined so far are:

3. Enhanced virtual support for special needs families

I am grateful for all the support many people and organisations have put in to support special needs families during the Covid-19 period.

Although there are too many to list comprehensively here, these are three useful channels that families can tap on to access resources and online activities for their special-needs dependents.

  • Superherome – develop self-care skills and understand routine changes and protective measures due to COVID-19. By Superhero Me, with the support of Dr Lim Hong Huay, Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Eden School and Lien Foundation.
  • SSwithyou – supports families with home-based learning, activities, meals and necessities. By Society Staples.
  • SG Enable Covid-19 guide – useful COVID-19 resources for caregivers to refer to while staying safe at home. By SG Enable.
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If you know any other initiatives that deserve a mention, do share below in the comments!


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