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TL;DR – He says, “What the actual F?” 

Someone posted an interesting question on Quora, and I saw this too-good-not-to-share answer from Malaysian man Roy Goh.

How did Singapore let covid-19 get out of control after they were doing so well?

They haven’t.

I feel obliged to denounce the nonsense I’ve been seeing in certain American and British media recently.

Just yesterday: “Look at Democratic Taiwan handling Covid-19! So awesome! Yeah, see Taiwan f—k the WHO!” (paraphrased as I can’t be arsed to find the actual link).

Then: “Singapore loses control over Covid-19. Authoritarian government to blame?”

And you get shit like this: ‘We’re in a prison’: Singapore’s migrant workers suffer as Covid-19 surges back

Me: What the actual F? Do we have the same understanding of “QUARANTINE”

Covid-19 infections in Singapore has been on a dramatic rise, yes.

Out of control? The fat number is definitely worrying but the situation is well under control.

Cases of community spread / local transmission outside of the dorms are in the low 10s.

The infections are largely being quarantined in the dorms. And since the dorms are high density, we expect just about ALL those people to get infected due to that single environment condition. Testing and tracking activities are being undertaken by the Ministry of Health.

Cases among the dormitories is the big number – 511 reported today. Plus, 7 foreign workers outside. All being tracked and taken care of.

28-April-2020: Singapore reports 528 new cases of COVID-19, taking total to 14,951

Why isn’t this “out of control”?

As of 29-April-2020


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That’s a 0.089% CFR. OMFG. Want some context?

Singapore has 1.8 beds per 1,000 (2014) and CFR of 0.089%

Malaysia has 1.98 beds per 1,000 (2018) but a CFR of 1.6821%.

That’s 18.79 times more!!

What does America look like? Oy vey…

As of 29-April-2020


*And I am not very confident about the American numbers because: Exclusive: White House told federal health agency to classify coronavirus deliberations – sources and it is an election year.

The vast majority of the people living in the dorms are young, physically fit and healthy individuals. And Singapore is taking care of them well – supporting them with food and medical care.

Coronavirus: We will look after you, ministry assures foreign workers

And special measures are being taken for at risk individuals.

COVID-19: Older foreign workers to get ‘special attention’, be moved to separate dorm: PM Lee

Want to see what’s actually happening on the ground?



“May I have your attention please? I am Dr. Muntasir from Sengkang General Hospital and I am here with many of my colleagues to look after your wellbeing. So please, do not be worried.

As you all know, there is a massive spread of the Coronavirus infection all around the world. Unfortunately, it has come to your dorms too. Should you be afraid? I will tell you that there is nothing to be afraid of as we are already here for you all. We will be taking care of your health.

Now there are some things you can do which will benefit both you and us. First and foremost please follow the rules strictly:

  • Always wear your mask.
  • Please stay in your rooms at all times and please do not go to other rooms or other floors.
  • Please keep your surroundings clean. Keep your beds clean.
  • Wash your hands with soap as many times as possible, at least 4 to 5 times a day.
  • Those who are carrying out their daily prayers, this is also an opportunity to wash your hands and your face as frequently as possible. This applies to people of all religions.

Cleanliness remains the key to fight this disease. All these rules will keep you safe from the infection.

If you feel unwell, please inform the doctors at the command centre. Do not be afraid and hide things as we are here to help you. We will take care of you.

You have done your part for Singapore, you have built the buildings we live in, you have built the roads we travel upon, your contribution to Singapore is enormous. You are one of us and we will take care of you. Be strong, be confident, drive away your fears. We are here for you. Sengkang General Hospital is here for you.

Thank you!”

Singapore is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic. Singaporeans can and will talk to each other in the counterpart’s language. They do not have the weird language chauvanism you might find in certain countries.

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Foreign workers who recover from Covid-19 moved into SuperStar Gemini cruise ship

Look how Singapore is locking up those migrant workers. Violating their human rights!


Meanwhile, there’re two more dozens of answers for this question, some with opposite views from Roy up north. Go check them out if you’re curious.


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