Cabby so touched by $10 tip from cleaner who lives in 1-room flat he wants to tell everyone about it

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TL;DR – The cleaning lady with a beautiful heart teaches us it’s better to give than to receive. Bless her soul!

Here’s a short little story to brighten your Friday!

Cabby picks up a passenger from Vivocity to Toa Payoh.

Cabby finds out that passenger works as a cleaner. Most likely she lives in a one-room HDB flat in Toa Payoh Lorong 5.

Fare works out to $15.87.

Passenger insists on giving him a $10 tip, saying that she knows times are hard and taxi drivers are really having a very hard time.

Cabby refuses the tip many times, but passenger insists.

Passenger thinks it is much better to give than to receive.

Cabby is so touched that someone who probably does not have that much is so kind and generous.

So moved by the passenger’s beautiful heart that the cabby shares the story on Facebook, and tells everyone to keep the faith. Awwww…

Here’s the Facebook post from the cabby Kenneth Chan.

In case you cannot see the post, here’s the post in full. I took the liberty to break the single-paragraph post into smaller parts for easier reading. Always keep the faith, people!

Ferried a passenger who is a cleaner from Vivocity to Toa Payoh… had a pleasant chat with her inside my taxi and i took the MCE towards PIE Toa Payoh to beat the traffic lights etc… fare ended up as $15.87…

She gave me $25…i told her there is no need to give me so much as money is hard to make… but she insisted in giving me as she knows times are very hard and that taxi drivers are really having a very hard time also to make ends meet other than paying rental rates…she is also aware not every taxi companies do waived off rental rates i believe…

Many times i declined but she insisted as she said it is better to give than to receive (based on gesture)… it really puts alot of other people to shame…staying in big condos and big bungalows… and she is a simple looking lady with a beautiful heart… there are people who are rich in material wealth…but their hearts are of poverty state…

But this lady cleaner here… she may not be well off as she stays in a one room HDB flat Lor 5 Toa Payoh…but assurely i tell you… she has a very rich heart and may God bless her… she doesn’t judge people for who they are… she just have this simple virtue in her heart nor did she asked for any conditions of any individuals… for i tell you… it is easy to mark a person for mistakes done… but to give unconditionally like that lady is truly remarkable… there are people like that… they see beyond mistakes but look upon the struggling individuals and such people these days are rare… super rare…

And when i think about it… and that to me is very rare to find such good passenger… big hearted people enables others who are struggling and commit evil to repent… and also improve and work on their mistakes… kindness melts away any bitterness and also enables one to be able to do more good… kindness is also a form of blessing to oneself… may not be financial but in health… health my friend is priceless… kindness never nurses any grudges even if those who gets taken advantaged of… trust me… those who are kind will never never lose out… and if a person is grateful… one can actually be another source of light to touch other lives… keep the faith…



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