“S’pore hasn’t pushed us away, the government has embraced us,” says migrant worker in a heartfelt note

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TL;DR – He also expressed his hope to return to work soon, as he wants to continue to do his best and contribute to Singapore.

A migrant worker has taken to the internet to publicly express his thanks and appreciation for the Singapore authorities and those who have helped migrant workers amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

The migrant worker, JM Jasim, relayed his gratitude through a heartfelt Facebook post, which was translated into English by his friend and edited by Project Dorm.

In his post, JM Jasim said,

“During this pandemic, Singapore hasn’t pushed us away, the government has embraced us. Singaporeans have helped us as they are spending money on us. When coronavirus was creeping into our lives, Singapore government’s support came as a light of hope in darkness. Singapore government as well as other Singaporeans have showered us with support, love, respect, and warmth. They showed appreciation to our efforts in building this country.”

The migrant worker also shared that PM Lee gave his assurance to the migrant workers that they are not alone in this country, and the Singapore government is here to help them.

“He also assured our families not to worry about us and told them that they would take care of us, just how they are taking care of Singaporeans,” he added.

“The government’s actions follow their words,” said JM Jasim.

He then went on to list out the long list of help in which migrant workers have received from the government.

These include:

  • Budget for treatments for foreign workers
  • Levy waived
  • Request every company to continue paying their employees
  • Health services for workers
  • Free food in every isolation dormitories, SIM card for workers with 100 GB internet and 100 mins talk time
  • Medical team in every dormitory
  • Many in quarantine are staying at hotels and nice places for free
  • Top class hospital treatment
  • Eid gifts for most workers
  • Instructions from MOM to companies to check on employees
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Apart from the government, JM Jasim shared that many organisations such as Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC), HealthServe, ItsRainingRainCoats, Project Dorm, One Bag, One Book, Transient Workers Count Too – TWC2 and a few others have stepped in to help.

He also thanked the Bangladesh High Commission, which has also provided a helping hand with Iftar items.

JM Jasim also extended his thanks to all health care workers, especially the nurses and doctors, for their warmth, treatment, and mental support.

“They didn’t avoid us. They addressed all our needs, and took care of us without worrying about their own health or their own needs to rest. They took care of us like their own family members with compassion. They even taught us how to exercise.”

The migrant worker then concluded his post, thanking Singaporeans for their love and support, and expressed his hope to return to work soon, as he wants to continue to do his best and contribute to Singapore.

“Finally, I would like to say that I am proud of being a migrant worker in Singapore. Coronavirus has attacked me but it failed to ruin my physical and mental health. If the great Allah allow us to work again and return to our workplace, I will do my best to work and contribute to Singapore.

I would like to thank each and everyone in Singapore who has loved us as their own from the bottom of my heart. Today, with my tearful eyes, I say I am a Nawabzada, really a Nawabzada, which is no longer a derogatory term to me.”

You may read JM Jasim’s full post in English below:


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