Warrant Officer fusses over a packet of rice with PAP candidate Shawn Huang, deletes her post later

TL;DR – “For goodness sack!”

The season of scurrilous attacks.

Amidst COVID-19, where infections are still rising by the day in scary numbers, and thousands are losing or have lost their jobs, here in Singapore, we are focusing on attacking aspiring politicians through scurrilous claims.

Just after the Ivan Lim saga, where some made claims, including false ones like his participation in the fraudulent Brazilian projects (he didn’t by the way), we have an army Warrant Officer (WO) making claims about Shawn Huang – a fresh PAP candidate.

WO Lin Leo apparently had a run-in with Huang when he was the parade commander of one of the National Day Parades (NDP).

And the dispute?

A packet of rice which she refused to give him because he wasn’t under her nominal roll.


Following WO Lin’s post, Huang has since put up a clarification post on his Facebook page, which came at #lightningspeed

Here’s the post in full text in case you can’t see it:

“A social media post was brought to my attention, alleging an incident that occurred when I was NDP Parade Commander in 2018.

I recall the details of that particular incident and wish to make some clarifications.

It occurred during one of the rehearsals at the Floating Platform.

After the afternoon rehearsal, I had gone to the rest area for lunch. However, I found that no lunch had been catered for our group. As the logistics control group was next to our rest area, and they were in control of most of the rations, I asked if I could be given a pack.

Usually there would be rations left over and they would have to be disposed in the next 30mins or so. However, the WO in charge would not issue me a set of rations. I tried to reason it out with the WO that the rations would otherwise be disposed anyway. However, the WO insisted, and I decided that rather than pursuing it further I decided to leave the tent and went elsewhere to ask for a pack of food. I found another pack of ration that was leftover. After my lunch. I went back to the tent. And on the table, I found that there was now a pack of food. I told the WO that I no longer needed the ration and politely passed the ration back. This was witnessed by Encik Azmi, WO (Special Functions) and CWO Ng Siak Peng.

To help future ration distributions I highlighted to them that we could practice some flexibility in the distribution of rations. They agreed. I did not pursue the matter further.

When friends pointed out the post to me, I was surprised as I knew the WO who had posted it and felt that it was a misunderstanding. I tried to respond to her on the post so as to clarify matters but she has since removed her post. I wish her well and hope to be able to speak to her soon. My gratitude to many fellow serviceman who had posted messages of support.”


I mean, how petty can one get? We know in the army that we have to account for rations, but this is NDP rehearsal, not field exercise. Even when we are out with friends, someone comes along and says, “Can give me something to eat?” most of us would be happy to pass something to him.

And the most frustrating thing is after trying to create a scene, WO Lin deleted her post. Maybe out of regret, maybe out of concern that she had made false claims. But if she felt her story was true, she should have left it there and be ready to be scrutinized. Not cowardly deleting her post.

We hope she can do the right thing now and answer the questions many have for her. The first one being – can you relate the incident honestly?

Tsk tsk.



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