GE2020: 30 minutes of PM Lee’s Fullerton Rally Speech summarised into 6 key points

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TL;DR – “In terms of general form and substance. This was good. Really good.”

Did you know that every election, rain or shine, the PAP holds a lunchtime rally at Fullerton?

PM Lee said in a Facebook post yesterday that “it is the highlight of the campaign”.

So pandemic or no, the PAP again held a Fullerton rally.

Only that this time, it happened online this afternoon.

Some comments grabbed from here, there, everywhere:

“Loved every minute of PM’s speech!”

“A pity both the sons didn inherit LKY’s baritone booming voice and delivery. But in terms of general form and substance. This was good. Really good.”

“Wow, PM’s speech very powerful. When he spoke about Fullerton Rally in 36 years time, very touching.”

“So powerful. Touching too.”

“In this time of crisis, we need candidates who have concrete plans to offer, not simply there for an alternative voice. Even then, as PM Lee said ‘These are fashionable peacetime slogans, not serious wartime plans.’

In retrospect, could things have been done better? Yes, but looking at the bigger picture, we all can see the merits of having a good and stable government that is able to handle these unprecedented times.”

6 main points distilled from PM Lee’s Fullerton Rally Speech

Too busy to watch the full speech? We have summarised the main points from PM Lee’s speech for you.

1) We are facing a crisis of a generation but the opposition has been silent on how we should deal with Covid-19, both before the election and during.

2) Our main consideration is the economy during this period. We have implemented four budgets this year to counter this crisis.

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3) Singapore needs to attract investors, not unlike how we did so during the financial crisis in the past. We need stability for investors to believe in us, so that they will choose to set up shop here.

4) Vote for the MPs that you want to look after you, and for the Party that you want. Do not confuse signals by voting opposite of what you truly want.

5) To the young people (from a speech PM Lee made 36 years ago): “It’s great to be young. Youth do not have to be sane, sober and subdued. You can stand up, dance, sing and have fun. But also do things which are worthwhile to society because the government wants a country which is caring where citizens are cultivated and willing to help both neighbours and fellow citizens.”

6) PM Lee: “If we all work together and build well, generation after generation, then another 36 years from now, the Fullerton Rally will be held in a vastly transformed Singapore. And future Singaporeans, today’s young ones, can be proud of what they have built.”

PM Lee was moved with emotion as he delivered his speech today, especially towards the end. I think it shows that his dedication and love towards Singapore and Singaporeans have never wavered, and it stands the same 36 years later.

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