Singaporean woman shares nuggets of wisdom from her taxi-driving mum

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TL;DR – “When people offer you free/cheap things, there’s always a catch. Talk is cheap.”

So, we’ve noticed that our readers liked reading fellow Singaporean Evelyn Sng’s Singapore Story.

Perhaps it’s because many of us can relate to most, if not all, parts of her life story.

Singaporean woman Evelyn Sng opened her heart, went on Facebook and poured it all out

Since you like this kind of stories, let me share yet another Singapore story.

Still a lady this time, and her name is Ying Shya.  The story is same same but different, hehe!

Her mum seems very sporty! Read on! (Story’s edited lightly for clarity~)

My mum is a taxi driver for many years now. She started during those times when female drivers were not common. (She turned a few heads when people saw her in the driver’s seat!)

She told tourists she would not want to be at anywhere else – she’s read and heard stories about how dangerous it is for females to be out at night in other countries. Mum is not worried when we return home late from parties 🤪

She has medical visits to polyclinics and returns home to share how smooth the visits have been. Its like all-in-one-package at the same place, and affordable.

There are supermarkets, food centres, hardware stores, etc, all within walking distance of our home. She says these conveniences have made us lazy!

She appreciates the extensive COVID-19 testing for foreign workers. She says it’s the right thing to do. (My sister works in construction industry – what happens if she gets it! Touch wood!).

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Through her taxi passengers, she has built up a wealth (really a lot of info!) of knowledge about what is happening in other countries such as US and its choice of President. She always comes home and says – We must never be like those people in the US!

We have proper education and proper jobs. We have a decent home. Many in other countries do not have all of these. “Last time I had to share a bed with all your aunties” (There are 4 of them!)

She says this – No person or government is perfect. As we develop and grow, we tweak along the way.

The current one has brought us so far + they are not 老土 (old-fashioned and stuffy) … they’re quite happening mah! (She saw some funny and spontaneous videos online – this Circuit Breaker, she was online except when she was sleeping. She updates me instead of the other way around!).

(If you think my mum is those traditional aunty, no no, don’t be mistaken. She challenged me to do a big tattoo years ago. I chickened out!)

“Last time people complain why put money in reserves? See lah! If don’t have savings account, we all jialat liao! Now nobody ask why put money in reserves, hor?”

She says – When people offer you free/cheap things, there’s always a catch. Talk is cheap.

姜还是老的辣. Experience counts.




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