Wed. May 29th, 2024
Uncle on train

TL;DR – He also urges commuters to step up against such injustice should they witness them.

On November 16, a netizen took to her Facebook to share her “proud sister moment” after her brother called out an uncle for his inappropriate behavior on an MRT train.

In the post which has since garnered over 16,000 reactions and more than 15,000 shares, her brother had stepped in to help a lady who was allegedly being touched by an uncle on the train.

Initially, the Singaporean man had wanted to give the uncle the benefit of doubt that he was asleep.

However, after seeing that the uncle had inched even closer to the lady, he realised that the uncle was pretending to be asleep. He then approached the uncle, tapped him on his leg, and asked the uncle to move his hands away from the lady.

He concluded his post by encouraging women to not be afraid to speak up and urges commuters to step up against such injustice should they witness them.

You can read his post in full text below:

“So I was in the train when I witness an uncle trying to be funny. So he was asleep and his hands and shoulders were so close to a lady, and the lady was obviously uncomfortable and didn’t dare to speak up.

I gave the benefit of doubt for a good 5 mins since he was “sleeping”. BUT HE WOKE UP, and went even closer to the girl and that was when I couldn’t take it no more.

I stood up and tap this fella on the leg and ask him to move his hands away and he stopped the physical contact.

Girls, do not be afraid to speak up because there shouldn’t be tolerance for such disgusting behavior. And I encourage peeps to step and if they witness such things happening to strangers. A good deed will go a long way! 💪🏻😬