Wed. May 29th, 2024
delivery rider & a security officer

TL;DR – Always be kind to one another and remember, a smile or greeting won’t hurt!

Recently, a 53-second video uploaded onto Facebook page called “All Singapore Stuff” , showing an interaction between a Grab delivery rider and a security officer has put a smile on many faces.

In the short video, the security officer can be heard greeting the Grab delivery rider “Good morning, bro!” in upbeat energy. The security officer also complimented the delivery rider for the “stylo” placement of his camera on his helmet as he checks the rider’s body temperature with a handheld temperature scanner.

Before letting the delivery rider through the gantry barrier, the security officer can also be heard wishing the delivery rider “good luck”. He even told the delivery rider to protect his eyes from the sunlight and reminded him to ride safely.

You can watch the video here:

Their albeit short but jovial and heartwarming exchange with one another has gathered positive reactions amongst netizens.

By the way, these two comments below are exactly our sentiments:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we want to echo what the Union of Security Employees (USE) Executive Secretary Mr Steve Tan has shared before, that there are still a lot more things that we, as a society, have to do for the security officers.

The security agencies will have to work with the union to support the security officers, the buyers of security services needed to change their mindsets and they must recognise that these security officers deserve better, and they deserve more. Do you know they have to endure really punishing hours during the course of their work – 12 hours, 6 days a week?

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Having said that, while the union push for better welfare and better working hours for them, the rest of us, we should also be reminded to always treat everyone with respect and be kind to one another. Remember, a smile or greeting won’t hurt!