Wifey dressed up in super cute lingerie to surprise hubby, ended up surprising FIL and herself

By March 13, 2021Entertainment

TL;DR – “How do I fix this? I was so embarrassed!”

So Maggie of “Jaron and Maggie” is a Tiktoker with 289.6K followers. She shares slices of her everyday life on the platform, mostly funny snippets with her husband.

Anyway, just three days ago, she planned a small surprise. She said she has not worn lingerie in years, and decided to wear one (a super cute one, she said) to surprise her husband.

So she happily put it on, slipped into a hot pink robe and waited. She didn’t seem to have to wait long before she heard her husband coming into the living room where she was waiting. In the video, we saw her hand showing the robe that’s apparently been removed from her body by now…

And then, *OOPSIES!* in strolled her father-in-law!

He presumably saw her in full sexy lingerie-clad glory and went, OH SH*T, OH SH*T…

Meanwhile, Maggie went, “I didn’t know you’re gonna be home!”

When I last checked, over 13 million people have watched the video! So here, watch it if you haven’t!


(Featured image via Jaron & Maggie | TikTok)

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