Wed. May 29th, 2024
<a href="You're missing out if you haven't been following Nursesays, where Paula shares basic healthcare tips and facts!"><em>(via)</em></a>

TL;DR – You’re missing out if you’re not following Nursesays, where Paula shares basic healthcare tips and facts!

So, there’s a young lady who’s doing her nursing studies at NUS by the name of Paula.

Paula has been running an IG account, Nursesays, since last March. Yea, timely, I know, cos suddenly there’s a huuuuuge thirst for health-related information due to COVID-19. And I truly appreciate people like Paula stepping up during a time like this when we need timely, relevant and ACCURATE information. Yes, yours truly is so sick of fake news, false info and fearmongering.

Other than the Nursesays IG account, there’s also a Nursesays Facebook page and a Nursesays Youtube channel.

This was her first proper post on the IG account, and in this one, Paula shared why she’s starting an account like this. Mainly, she’s hoping to help educate the general public about basic healthcare (tips, to-dos, educational facts).


Paula has done a bunch of IG posts on first aid tips of different situations and conditions, including how to deal with cuts, scrapes and bleeding, what to do when someone gets a nosebleed, rashes, burns or sunburns. She even covered stuff like what to do when someone chokes or when someone faints.

Useful stuff, so go check out her contents! Or better yet, go follow her social media accounts.

Paula was also attached to a polyclinic during the course of her pursuing her degree and she also did up a post on the lesser known things about polyclinics in Singapore.

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Paula appears to follow trending news in Singapore and is quick to do sharing of the right information on health-related topics too.

Remember the scare about dying from going for spin classes? Yeps, Paula did an explainer post on that condition too.

Paula has also worked on sharing details about COVID-19 and also the vaccine- and vaccination-related information.

I particularly like this one where she covered how vaccines work. Fairly easy to understand, this one.

She even did IG Live sessions when she herself was taking her vaccine jabs. And she later summarised her experience of the two vaccine injections into two separate posts so that the rest of us know better what to expect when our own turns come.



I personally think what this young lady is doing is superb, and would really love to give her a shout-out here. I’ve been following her for a few months, and have learnt new things from her sharing. So,

Thanks, Paula!

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