Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
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TL;DR – There’s something strange about this job listing.

So, here’s a three week old job listing in Linkedin, put up by the Ministry of Health. Yeps, the ministry is recruiting a Deputy Director, Brand & Marketing.

It has nine applicants as I’m typing this, so if you’re looking for a brand and marketing role in the ever-growing healthcare sector, this could be it! Competition doesn’t look that intense for now, so go go go!


But wait….

There’s something strange about this job listing.

Are we sure we’ll be replying to a recruitment advertisement to work for the Ministry of Health (MOH), or will we be working for Sentosa?

It’s extremely strange that under the “About the job: What You Will Do”, there’re at least five mentions of Sentosa!

It talks about “driving Sentosa’s brand growth locally and regionally”, and this Deputy Director (DD) will also need to “ensure that everything the team rolls out is in line with Sentosa’s goals, values”. And yes, it even talked about the “One Sentosa Experience” twice!

Then it gets weirder as I read on about the scope of this role.

Unless MOH is planning to build a hospital or some healthcare wonderland on an island soon, and unless MOH refers to inpatient stays as “guest visitation”, this job listing looks like it’s a Sentosa listing wrongly posted under MOH.

Or was someone taking too much reference from other organisations’ job ads??!

So now, let’s see how long this job posting stays this way before it’s edited or removed.

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Day 1 starts now!

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