Covid-19 rules tightened: No more dining in & gathering of five from 16 May to 13 June 2021

By May 14, 2021Current
Singapore Covid-19 measures

TL;DR – Some call it a Circuit Breaker 2.0.

It has just been announced by the multi-ministry task force that Singapore will be tightening its COVID-19 measures, the light of increased community cases.

The new measures will take effect from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021, and a review will be taken after two weeks to see if the measures need to be adjusted further.

Here are the new measures you need to know:

Social gatherings and interactions

  • Group sizes up to 2 pax
  • Up to 2 unique household visitors a day
  • 2 social gatherings per day, whether to another household or in a public place
  • Grandchildren being cared for by grandparents need not be included in the number of household visitors or social gatherings per day


  • Work-from-home as the default
  • No cross-deployment
  • Social gatherings not allowed

Food & Beverage including hawker centres and food courts

  • Dining-in to cease
  • Only takeaway and delivery allowed

Congregational and worship services

  • No unmasking/singing/wind and brass instruments
  • Up to 100 pax with pre-event testing, up to 50 pax without pre-event testing

Shopping malls and showrooms

  • Occupancy limit reduced to one person per 16 sqm of GFA
  • Odd and even date entry restrictions on Sundays will continue for popular malls (Lucky Plaza, Peninsula Plaza)

Attractions and shows

  • Operating capacity to be reduced to 25%
  • Shows (indoor/outdoor) to be capped at 100 pax with pre-event testing, up to 50 pax without pre-event testing

Museums & Public libraries

  • Operating capacity reduced to 25%


  • Up to 100 pax with pre-event testing, up to 50 pax without pre-event testing; with safe distancing between groups of up to 2 pax
  • No food or beverage
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Massage establishments (e.g. spas, saunas) & Hairdressers’ salons

  • Services that require masks to be removed (e.g. facials, saunas) to cease

Home-Based Businesses

  • Home-Based businesses to only operate on contactless delivery/collection model

Tour groups

  • Up to 20 pax per tour

Last year on 7 Apr 2020, Singapore entered the circuit breaker period, in order to pre-empt escalating COVID-19 infections.

With the current tightening of measures, some call it the second “Circuit Breaker”. But whatever you choose to call it, let’s hang in there and get through this together. Singapore, we’ve got this! 💪🏻


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