Labour MP Melvin Yong compliments Woh Hup for transporting workers in buses

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TL;DR – It is not unusual for companies to transport their workers in buses. It CAN be done.

Whilst there are companies which transport workers on the back of lorries or trucks, there ARE also companies which transport workers in buses.

One such company is Woh Hup (Private) Ltd, one of Singapore’s largest contractors with a workforce of over 2500 workers.

In a Facebook post on Friday (14 May), Labour MP Melvin Yong commended the homegrown construction company for being one of the companies which have been transporting their workers in buses for years.


According to the Labour MP who visited the construction company last week, a couple of workers whom he has spoken with shared that they “felt safer being transported to work in a bus” and that the company also charters buses to ferry the bulk of their workers, including those from their sub-contractors to and from work daily.

Labour MP Melvin Yong calls out unsafe transport arrangements for migrant workers, says lorries should transport goods, not people


With Woh Hup as a good example, let’s hope more companies would follow suit and start transporting their workers in buses and vans instead of on the back of lorries or trucks.

After all, nothing should be more valuable than the lives of these workers, isn’t it?

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