Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

TL;DR – Another PME successfully placed.

It’s no secret that Professionals, Managers & Executives (PMEs) are now known as the vulnerable group of workers in the workforce, who are vulnerable to job loss due to technological disruption and slowing economic growth.

You’ve also probably heard about the difficulties PMEs may face when it comes to searching for a new job, perhaps due to job-skill mismatch.

One woman in Singapore, however, managed to find herself a good job after a month of unemployment.

On 30 May, Labour MP Melvin Yong took to his Facebook post to share a thank you email from a job seeker, who successfully found a job in Human Resources through NTUC’s U PME Centre.

In the thank you email, the job seeker noted that her appointed career coach Mr Herjeet is personable, professional, and has a wealth of knowledge, particularly in human resources matters.

She shared from the sessions, she was able to benefit from the insightful details on job application processes, as well as essential details to ensure a greater match for her resume on job advertisements.


You can read the thank you note in full text below:


I would like to write a note to thank NTUC U PME for having this initiative to support and aid us in career as well as professional development.

I am very thankful to have Mr Herjeet appointed as my coach, to provide me with career advice as well as guidance on resume enhancement. Mr Herjeet is personable, professional and has a wealth of knowledge particularly in HR matters. During the sessions, he provided me with insightful details on job application processes and essential details to ensure a greater match for my resume with the job ads.

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I particularly like his systematic approach that comes with an immediate summary of discussion at the end of each meeting. I personally find Mr Herjeet’s passion, consistency, and dedication both inspiring and motivating. He is an awesome and patient coach and I would highly recommend his service to my friends and family.

Thank you Mr Herjeet for your kind assistance and guidance.


Indeed, meeting an experienced career coach certainly helps. With years of experience under his belt, Herjeet is no stranger when it comes to helping job seekers find careers.

Read how Herjeet has helped a retrenched PME landed in his job here:

He has a degree and years of working experience; so why can’t he find a job?

If you’d like to meet a U PME Centre Consultant like Herjeet or find out more about how U PME Centre can help PMEs, click here. The service is complimentary for all NTUC Union Members.