McDonald’s BTS Meal, But Make It Wearable

By June 23, 2021Current

TL;DR – Save your McDonald’s BTS Meal packaging for when your coworkers go on and on in 4-hour-long Zoom meetings

So I heard many have been trying to get on the virtual queue earlier in the week to get the much-anticipated McDonald’s BTS Meal! And apparently, it sold out in 5 minutes??

To prevent crazy crowds, McDonald’s Singapore has made the meal for delivery-only. SMART MOVE. (McDonald’s had to close several outlets in Indonesia due to the BTS ARMY). Guess when one of the most popular boy bands around partners with one of the biggest fast food chains in the world, that’s pretty predictable huh.

Nope, #dontcancelme but I’m not a fan of the K-pop group and not planning to create McDonald’s BTS meal packaging ‘shrines’ like fans in Malaysia.

Hello, polis? Via @PenangMyHometown

Though… If I do happen to get the meal, I probably will be a bit heartpain to just trash the packaging? If you’re like me, and not looking to resell on Carousell for some quick bucks, try using your packaging to showcase your creativity instead! Nah, some ideas for you!

Hanging organizer?

This one can.

“Pocket-for-your-nuggets-on-the-go” shoes by Singaporean visual artist and fashion designer

Wah, wah. How talented is this guy?? Via josiahchua / Instagram.


McDonald’s X BTS X Dior handbag like Influencer / Digital Creator Jazmin Reyes

Cute – fits 2 nuggets and 2 dips. Via Jazmin Reyes / Instagram


Tag us if you do try them out? #BTScraftsftw


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