Is Gen Z the lost generation due to COVID-19?

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Gen Z Millennials

TL;DR – Here’s what the Gen Z-ers can do to prevent becoming the lost generation!

When COVID-19 first hit, many companies were affected and began cutting headcount. This affected many Gen Z-ers who are fresh graduates trying to land their first jobs.

Stories after stories of highly-sought-after graduates being offered salaries way below their expectations poured in.

Those who were lucky enough to land a first job, soon found themselves isolated from their colleagues during the Circuit Breaker. Apart from the social repercussions of isolation, such situations have posed challenges for young PMEs who need mentorship.

What can Gen Z-ers do to prevent becoming the lost generation?

Be proactive in seeking career guidance

It wouldn’t hurt to have professional career coaches vet your resume and help you improve your chances.

career coach e2i

They will guide, advise and support your career journey. The career coach assigned to you will help you gain better clarity of yourself, as well as the employment and training landscape. Best of all, it is offered for free!

Upskill to get into thriving industries

After understanding potential gaps from career coaching in step one, active steps can be taken to build and acquire skillsets to improve your employability. That’s where our SkillsFuture credits come in. There is a whole myriad of courses for you to choose from. Do note however, that SkillsFuture credits have an expiry, so do make full use of them before that!

In addition, you could also make use of LIT DISCOvery 2021 which is a four-day event comprising virtual and physical sessions. The event is specifically catered to connect youths and young PMEs to workplace opportunities. The event consists of talks, networking sessions and career mentorship opportunities!


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Practice mental wellness – understand the right to disconnect

Last but not least, it’s important to understand that certain boundaries have to be set as the majority of the workforce is now Working from Home (WFH). Many employees have shared that they are putting more hours into work, as the lines between work and personal life are increasingly blurred. It’s important for us to recognise the right to disconnect and protect our personal time.

The topic of mental wellness in the workplace will similarly be discussed during Lit Discovery 2021 to break the stigma!

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