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TL;DR – Refreshing way of information sharing, if you ask me. What do you think?

In a few years, TikTok has grown to be one of the top social media apps and become a big part of our internet culture! Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare workers are taking to the platform to share on their experiences, struggles and even educational content and advice.

Miki Rai, pediatric nurse from San Francisco, is one of them. While helping on the frontlines to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, she has also earned fame on TikTok by sharing information through her dance videos. To date, Miki has racked up more than 2.2 million followers on the app, where she has garnered more than 36 million likes!

Despite her taxing hours as a healthcare worker, she has been posting educational videos while doing some of TikTok’s trending dances to share information with her followers – on about how to stop the spread of the virus, to encourage vaccination and the struggles of healthcare workers. She also shares snippets of her personal life with her partner who’s a doctor!

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Through her short content, Miki has educated viewers on effective handwashing and encouraged them to practise safe social distancing. Miki wants to raise awareness on how everyone can play a part to ease the strain on healthcare workers. In a fast-paced digital era where there is so little time to capture your audience, her approach seems to be working! 36 million likes – quite something huh!

TikTok Healthcare Workers Closer to Home

Closer to home, Singapore have our own healthcare TikTok stars too!

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On her platform, this junior doctor shares about her experiences and educational path in pursuing Medicine in Singapore. Her video sharing of the day of the life of a junior doctor in Singapore has also garnered more than 180,000 views to date!   

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The pandemic has also spurred Dr Nur Farhan Bte Mohammad Alami to jump onboard. She specialises in geriatric care. “This was at a time where there was a lot of suspicions surrounding the vaccine. I started using TikTok after I got my first dose. I was keen to share my experience,” she shared. Her recent video sharing her personal experience on breastfeeding after taking her Covid-19 vaccine has also garnered more than 33,000 views.

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The Past Year Has Taken Its Toll on Healthcare Workers Globally.

This more casual presentation of all the overwhelming healthcare tips amidst the pandemic is indeed rather refreshing! Don’t you think so?

On a more serious note, the past year has been taxing for healthcare workers globally. To date, Singapore has reported 36 Covid-19-related deaths. Healthcare workers are stretched but coping. Meanwhile, union leaders are urgently working with health authorities to seek ways to improve the welfare of healthcare workers during this stressful period.

“We encourage more to spread kindness; after all, we are in this global crisis together and it is only through helping one another that we can emerge from this stronger,” Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU) President, K. Thanaletchimi.

Indeed, healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic risk exposure to the virus daily, the health crisis is taking a toll on their mental health as well. The clapping has stopped, but let’s continue to support these healthcare heroes. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to more healthcare advice and content from these subject matter experts! Though word of caution, as with all information that comes your way, always verify-verify-verify!   

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