Wed. May 29th, 2024
Land VTL Singapore Malaysia

TL;DR – Finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s official! Come next Monday (29 November), the land vaccinated travel lane (VTL) via the Causeway will be launched. This announcement came right from Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Before the official announcement, excitement was already growing amongst Singaporeans and Malaysians.

This can be seen from a Facebook post showing a Causeway Link bus with the words “VTL” plastered on it. Said post has garnered a lot of traction online, with over 2,200 shares at the time of writing.

Netizens in the comment section of the post said that they were “touched” at the sight of the yellow bus, while the others shared that they “can’t wait” to head back home.

Translation: I don’t know why but I feel very touched when I see it now… I used to take this for granted, but now I’m treasuring it more than ever.


Translation: Just the sight of this makes me very touched


Translation: Missing Causewaylink 🤩🤩🤩


Translation: Little Yellow did you miss me? Haven’t seen you in 2 years, I’ve been thinking of you for days and nights.


Translation: I used to scold the bus for being slow, but now I am exceptionally excited when I see the bus 😂


Translation: I can go home now, take my $15 😂

More than 100,000 Malaysians stuck in Singapore

It has been more than a year since the pandemic struck, and the Malaysians working in Singapore were too stuck in Singapore for as long as the borders were closed.

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When Malaysia announced their Movement Control Order last year, not only the Malaysians travelling in and out of Singapore every day to earn a living were affected, but companies hiring Malaysian workers were affected too.

In response to Malaysia’s movement control order, the Ministry of Manpower then quickly put together a slew of support that will be provided to companies with affected Malaysian workers.

On top of financial support, Singapore had to also scramble to put together some housing arrangements for the Malaysian workers here, so that life can go on as normally as possible for all of us in Singapore.


The tripartite partners – government, employers, and unions – were quick to work out something together for the Malaysian workers who were working in essential services like public transport and have chosen to stay in Singapore to continue working.


Looking back now, it really hasn’t been easy for all our Malaysian friends working in Singapore. To be away from their loved ones for more than a year… I can’t imagine what they must be going through.

Nevertheless, I am just so glad that they are now one step closer to being able to reunite with their families again! Crying tears of joy

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