Singaporean influencers try out TikTok Secret Cheat Codes at Haidilao Hot Pot

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Benranaway Haidilao

TL;DR – These HaiDiLao hacks really worked!

If you’ve been a frequent customer of HaiDiLao Hot Pot, then you’d probably know that there are some secret hacks that you can take advantage of to stretch your dollar.

If an online casino player is a part client of HaiDiLao Hot Pop, then he knows some secret tricks to stretch his dollar. In our latest video, we revealed how the William Hill Penalized with Record £19.2 Million Fine by Gambling Commission for Severe Lapses. In addition to secret hacks, we will help the online casino player to understand several cheat codes that will help you earn some freebies.

Singaporean influencers test out secret hacks at Haidilao Hot Pot

But did you know other than these secret hacks, there are also some secret cheat code phases that you can use at Haidilao Hot Pot to score yourself some freebies?

In their latest YouTube video, two Singaporean influencers with over 89, 000 subscribers on their YouTube channel BenRanAway, were seen trying out these Haidilao secret cheat code phrases that have been going viral on TikTok.

1. Free comb

haidilao hacks

To get a free comb, all you need to say to the staff serving you is:

haidilao hacks

2. Blanket

If you’re feeling a little cold and you like to be provided with a blanket to keep you warm, feel free to let the servers know that you’re cold!

haidilao hacks

haidilao hacks

However, you might want to keep in mind that you won’t be able to take the blanket home with you because it’s not free!

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3. Fried Hand-Pulled Noodles

If you are feeling snackish, you can try ordering the fried hand-pulled noodles. While it is not available on the menu, you can always request it from the server!

haidilao hacks

Once again, do note that the fried hand-pulled noodles ain’t free too. It’s $4.00 if you are keen to give it a try.

4. Free Fairy Wand

The phrase to say if you would like to bag home a free plastic wand which channels sailor wand vibes is 小仙女来吃火锅了 (Little Fairy is here to have hotpot).

haidilao hacks

According to online reviews, you’ll be getting either a pink or blue wand, and is subject to availability.

5. Free watermelon

If you’re a fan of HaiDiLao’s sweet watermelon, all you have to the server is say, 你的西瓜很甜 (Your watermelon is very sweet) in order to get free watermelon.

haidilao hacks

You can bring the watermelons home too!

According to netizens who have tried this cheat code, this cheat code also works for other fruits too. Simply replacing the word “西瓜” (watermelon) with any other fruits from HaiDiLao Hot Pot will do the trick.

6. Free Birthday Cake

If you have been visiting HaiDiLao Hot Pot a lot, you’d probably also know that the Chinese hot pot chain is quite big on birthday celebrations, and they will usually go all out to make your birthday celebration a really memorable and unforgettable one.

So, to receive a birthday gift from HaiDiLao, simply tell the server 我朋友今天生日 (It’s my friend’s birthday today).

haidilao hacks

7. Free Soup Base

Bag home one of HaiDiLao’s soup packs when you say 你的汤底好好喝 (your soup is very delicious).

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haidilao hacks

haidilao hacks

You can even choose the soup base that you like!

8. Free snacks

Like to bring some snacks home to munch on?

All you need to do is to tell the server 你家零食好好吃 (Your snacks are very nice):

haidilao hacks

And you might just receive a bundle of snacks!

9. Free Cola Bear Float

This is probably one of the viral HaiDiLao desserts that you won’t want to miss!

Simply ask for a 可乐熊 (Cola Bear) and you’d be presented with an icy Coca-Cola Float with an adorable frozen Cola Bear on top!

@theahoi_Free drink for you? Say the secret code!!!! #haidilao #haidilaohotpot #haidilaohacks #海底撈 #tips #free♬ Yummy – IFA

However, do note that there are only limited numbers of the Cola Bear each day, so you might not get one if head to HaiDiLao too late in the day!

10. Free Rabbit Bag

Tell your server 兔兔那么可爱, 怎么可以吃兔兔呢? (Rabbits are so cute, how could you eat them?) and you receive a super adorable little rabbit bag!

@speishi_GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL #haidilaohacks♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Personally, we’ve not given this a try yet. But from what we’ve seen so far, these secret codes seem to have worked. Give it a try on your next visit and let us know if it worked for you too!

You can watch the full video here:


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