BY2’s Yumi Bai has alledgedly commited suicide??

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Yumi Suicide

TL;DR: The netizen who shared the news claims to be Yumi’s “close friend”.

Singaporean singer, BY2’s Yumi Bai has alledgedly commited suicide and is in critical condition for apparently having overdosed on medication. Yumi was recently accused of having an affair with Wang Leehom by his ex-wife Lee Jinglei.

A netizen who claims to be a close friend of Bai’s and wrote this morning that Yumi had overdosed on medication. She claimed that Yumi was apparently under emergency resuscitation. The “friend” also attached some photos, one of which showed a long-haired woman suspected of being Yumi slumped over in a wheelchair.

Wang Leehom's 'mistress' Yumi allegedly attempts suicide

Yumi in the wheelchair? Via


The woman on the left does bear some resemblance to BY2’s Miko huh? Hospital documents showing Yumi’s name were also shared.

yb 3

Earlier last week, Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom shared that he and his wife Lee Jinglei are ending their eight years of marriage. In the days that followed, scandals and speculations started emerging and on Dec 19, Yumi posted a long statement clarifying that she was actually his official girlfriend, and she did not have an affair with Leehom during his marriage. However, her defense was quickly torn apart by Leehom’s wife…

The netizen’s claims have not been verified. Here’s hoping that Yumi is OK!

If someone you know is struggling or is suicidal, help is available:

Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221-4444


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