Union of Security Employees (USE) steps in after Bentley threatens to run down security officer at Red Swastika School

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Security Officer Bentley Driver Red Swastika School

TLDR; A Bentley driver has been arrested for threatening to run down a security officer at the Red Swastika School after the Union of Security Employees (USE) filed a police report against the driver. 

In a video circulating on social media, a 61-year-old male Bentley driver has been arrested for a rash act causing hurt, after he was filmed threatening to run down a security officer outside Red Swastika School on Tuesday (11 Jan) morning.

The video was posted by the SG Road Vigilante below:

The driver can be seen pushing against the security officer, who stood in front of the vehicle, evidently trying to prevent the car from entering the school. 

What actually happened 

In two other videos that surfaced after the initial video was posted, the white Bentley was shown not forming up with other cars on the leftmost lane turning into the school. The driver was then told off by the security officer, who instructed the Bentley driver to make one round to form up properly again. 

The two videos can be seen below: 

Union of Security Employees (USE) steps in to protect security officer  

In a Facebook statement posted after the incident, the Union of Security Employees (USE) condemns the aggression against officers and has stated that they will work with the authorities for action to be taken against the motorist to “protect the interests of their officers”. 

Union of Security Employees (USE) general secretary Raymond Chin has also confirmed that the security officer involved is a member of the union and that a police report has been lodged to bring this matter to justice. 

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Neo Ah Whatt, the security officer aged 63 years old, has sustained some injuries in his knee after the incident, and has been given 3 days MC. 

The USE also shared their visit to Neo Ah Whatt’s home that same afternoon; providing relief vouchers and nourishments. 

Labour Chief, Ng Chee Meng also took to Facebook to reaffirm NTUC’s support for workers, and said that the act of aggression from the driver “cannot be condoned”. 

Mr Ng also shared that the NTUC stands in solidarity with its unions and will do what is necessary to protect workers.


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